You might like it.

Romania’s tourist’s rebranding concept. Awarded 2nd place at The INSPIRED Ideas Contest 2011 – Graphic Design contest section

In 2011, Alex Balaita, our Creative Director participated on Inspired Ideas Contest, one of Romania’s most reputed contests for young creatives. 2011’s assignment was refreshing’s Romania tourist’s branding.

“In a global society the concept of identity is still essential. Who are we? Where do we come from? Which are our core values?
These are some of the questions that a country brand should answer from a citizen’s perspective, and these are the stories a country brand must tell to tourists.
<You might like it> comes at a time when many Romanians have a bad opinion about their own country, but so does the European Media press, which has a big influence on potential tourists. We don’t know if you’ll like it or not. But to tell, you must try it first. You might like it.” – Alex Balaita