Sabino Hair – Lok&Blok redesign

Context: Lok&Blok is one of the star products of Sabino Hair. After the company had done a repositioning of their brand identity, the obvious conclusion was that Lok&Blok needed a facelift as well

We worked close with Sabino’s customers in shaping the new Sabino Lok&Blok. We discovered a very loyal customer base, and we asked for their opinion in every stage of the design. The new product has been received with a high dose of enthusiasm.

During the first stage of the process, we had a few visual directions that we wanted to test, and we also had to decide between clear or coloured bottles. After we centralising all the data we gathered, we discovered that the new Lok&Blok should have a fresh, modern look, and be easy to spot on a shelf or a cluttered back.