Brand Identity is both the visual and verbal expression of the brand. It’s the entrepreneur’s best friend, as it helps your customers interact with you, and ultimately helps them decide if they buy from you or not. Brand identity and a great marketing strategy are the killer ingredients for increasing awareness and growing your company. It helps establish your product or services as the no 1 choice for your customers. While a good brand speaks to the mind, a great brand identity is tangible and appeals to the senses.

1. Stand out from your competition

As products and services become indistinguishable, as we operate in ever growing markets with new touch points every day, it’s becoming essential to position yourself in the eyes of your customers and differentiate your company from your competition. A brand identity helps you manage and control the perception of your company, and it makes you stand out from the competition. The best brand identities are authentic and add value to the product or service they represent.

2. Tell your story in the proper way

Behind every new initiative, there’s a dynamic individual who has the intelligence, foresight, and imagination to see the future in a new way and to inspire others. At the very core of each business, there’s a seed from where it all begun. It’s commonly known amongst entrepreneurs as “vision.” A great brand identity complements your vision and helps that seed grow into something beautiful. The best identities emerge in organisations with effective leaders, who take the time to articulate their vision clearly and to make it accessible.

3. It makes it easier for your customer to buy from you

A smart identity system tells the customer that you respect him, by making it easier to understand the features and benefits of your product or service. A new design or a better environment can delight your customer and create loyalty.

4. It makes it easier for your salesforce to sell.

Everybody’s selling. From the CEO of a global conglomerate, to a non­-profit organisation looking for volunteers or a first time entrepreneur pitching to a venture capital firm, everyone is selling. An effective brand identity seeks to communicate a company’s unique value proposition.

5. It’s easier to build equity

Your company’s future success is dependent on building public awareness. A strong brand identity will help you build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness and of course, the loyalty of your customers, which in turn helps making your company more successful.

A good formula that sums it all up is PERCEPTION = BEHAVIOUR = PERFORMANCE. The way people perceive your company is influenced both by your behaviour and  the quality of the experience through all the touch points of your brand that ultimately leads to sales performance.

Alex is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Greative. He believes in a better world for you and me.