Beat the drum for change – Poster competition

The Golden Drum is a reputed international advertising Festival. Each year, they held a separate poster competition. We thought it would be fun to participate, and although we didn’t win, we did have a lot of fun brainstorming. Here are our results.

The 2013 Challenge: Make space for the girls

Although the majority of consumer decision makers are women, the ratio of female creative leaders in the ad industry is dramatically low. (In the USA only 3% of the creative directors are woman and the male dominance is obvious in our region too.)



Special thanks to Teodor Minea, our fellow Graphic Design Believer and a good friend.


Today we are robbing the creative industry of fantastic achievements by blocking the career paths of great women. Brilliant ideas are not heard because we listen to only one side of the story. We should be just as outraged.

Sometimes it takes a woman to do the job.


This series is targeted towards business oriented managers in the creative field. The first two posters show the two sides of the problem and the third one proposes the solution. The series stands to show that agencies have a path to growth in plain sight.