Frequently asked questions about our Digital Marketing services

1. What is Internet Marketing, and how do you do it?

Loosely defined, Internet (or online) marketing is promoting your business on digital mediums (such as the web, social, apps, etc.). More specifically, the goal is to drive qualified prospects to your website or app, where they can gather product information, contact you, or make a secure purchase right on your site. Some of the most common tools used to accomplish this are Search Engine Optimization (SEO; so prospects can find you easily on search engines), Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords, FB Ads, Amazon Advertising, etc.), Pay-Per-Impression,  Email Campaigns, Press Releases (, and Affiliate Marketing.

2. What areas do you serve?

Greative serves clients in the United States and EMEA.

3. Does Greative build websites?

Yes. We build websites or provide consulting to ensure you select the most cost-effective website platform to meet your objects.
The platform selected and code base makes a difference with marketing. For this reason, it is important to communicate with a web marketing firm while developing the site.

4. How much does it cost to be a top search result?

It depends – Cost is contingent on how much competition there is in your industry. We provide analysis on cost for: paid for traffic (PPC) and unpaid traffic (Organic)
PPC (Pay-per-Click) – Cost Ranges from $.01 to $30 per visitor, depending on the industry and keywords you’re targeting.
Organic – Many factors affect Organic traffic, with time being the biggest. With minimal training, most practices can be done by you, costing you only a recommendation audit and in-house time. Most SEO Organic Firms (also known as, Link Building, Article Marketing, Social Media, and Online PR Firms) charge between $150 and $350 per hour.

5. How long does it take to become listed in a search engine?

Primary search engine position is affected by how competitive your market is, how many “quality” inbound links you have and how your HTML is structured.  However, Google is continuously making changes to their algorithm, and other factors are becoming more relevant.
For a website well established in niche markets, search results can be seen within 1-2 months.
For a new site in a highly competitive market, it can take 4-12 months to see results.

6. What’s better, Pay-Per-Click (PPC/Inorganic) or Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO/Organic)?

Neither is better in an absolute sense. PPC can generate traffic within minutes, costing you only when someone visits your site. SEO/SEM typically has a higher upfront cost and takes several months to generate traffic, but once the traffic starts coming in, there is no cost per visitor. You only need to pay to keep your organic search results high.
Generally, we recommend using a combination of both strategies. We use PPC/CPM to collect intelligence on keywords, Ad variations, display networks and conversions. Then we use what we learned to develop a successful SEO plan.

7. How much does it cost to get started?

An initial consultation review is free. A typical online marketing campaign starts from $5,000 to $150,000 per month. An extensive Internet marketing campaign typically starts at $20,000 per month. The monthly cost varies depending on the complexity of tasks and amount of time required to meet your website objectives.
For more information, please use the contact form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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