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We’re just really good listeners.

We’ve started Greative in 2013, out of passion for delivering stunning visuals and telling compelling stories. Since then, we’ve worked with over 300 international clients. We combine design knowledge and experience, a business oriented mindset and a touch of magic to create brands that work in the attention economy.

Alex Bălăiță

Hi! I’m Alex. I run the Greative Studio since 2013 with my wife, Ema, helping both local and international clients to build their dreams. I don’t really like describing myself with fancy words, I preffer letting my work speak for itself. I’ve had a passion for design since 2004 when I began studying it in highschool (through M.A Degree) and that passion is still here and growing with each new design challenge.

Ema Popescu

Hi! My name is Ema and I am an illustrator and graphic designer with an M.A degree in Design and Illustration and an infinite passion for visual communication in both digital and traditional art. I value simplicity, symmetry, and detail. My working methods are swift and direct, with a sense de l'esthétique.

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