Case study: INSPIRED 7 Identity

Creative Direction: Mihai Velcescu (Kraftmark) & Alex Balaita (Greative)

Art Direction : Alex Balaita (Greative)

Copywriting: Kraftmark

In 2013, Greative joined forces with Bucharest-based agency Kraftmark, in a quest to create INSPIRED 7’s brand identity. INSPIRED Ideas Contest is Romania’s more reputed creativity contest for young creative people, featuring 10 Contest sections, and a jury consisting of national and international professionals from each field. Part of INSPIRED’s tradition was to have a new visual identity each year, but after six years of competition, there was a need for a stable identity system to be used in the future as well.

We started the process by gathering info on all of the past INSPIRED’s editions, in the quest to find a symbol that would be recognisable over time as a symbol of inspiration in the Romanian creative community. We noticed that passed editions used a representation of Hermes’s sandals as a symbol, which was a great way of stating the INSPIRED Contest’s goal – a platform that helps young creatives get recognised as valuable parts of the society.

During the brainstorming the idea finally “hatched”: We turned to the causality dilemma. Who was first? The Chicken or the Egg? In this case, the answer was obvious. In most cases, great ideas fly us to where we want to be. Once you get the right idea, it’s a matter of hard work to connect all the dots.

We’ve selected a few highlights of the process.