Why publish an e-newsletter?


1. E-newsletters create direct communication with customers for a few cents per contact

2. Strengthens the relationship with existing customers

3. It’s less expensive to sell to existing customers than new ones

4. Increases lead generation and cross-selling

5. It is immediately measurable

We all know by now that it’s much less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Additionally, we know that building relationships with each one of our customers and keeping in contact with them is important, it will yield repeat business and customer loyalty.

In this electronic age, email has become the most pervasive and fastest growing means of communication between individuals and organizations. Not only for building relationships with and getting repeat business from existing customers, but also to gain new potential customers through forwarding of our e-mailings from current customers to those in their social circles.

When a company decides to engage in email marketing, they will begin by building a ‘house list’ of our current customers. In the ‘house list’ they record information directly collected from customers through normal interaction with them. It can include information such as; name, address, email address, personal preference and interest, as well as their permission to send our promotions or services to them via email. The ‘house list’ also allows us to keep in touch with them through conventional tools, such as; print post cards, coupons, sales offers and maybe telemarketing campaigns.

A quality e-newsletter with dependable periodicity will contribute to nurture and strengthen the relationship between your company and customers. It provides you with the opportunity to give a unique value to that relationship, one that would be difficult for competitors to match.